This guide reaches thousands of lovers of music across the UK and beyond.  It contains information about the organ and the many fine concerts which take place either in or close to London.



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Editorial Team:

John Morris, Andrew Hyde, Nick Stein, David Bird, Marilyn Harper, Lisa Morris, Paul Gobey, John Stratton, James Rand

Editor Emerita:

Catherine Ennis

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“Now that’s a great idea!”

Such were my thoughts way back in the nineties when a copy of the LOCG fell out of my Organists’ Review. Informative and content-rich, it was a pocket-sized treasure trove of organ recitals.

2019 sees twenty years since I joined the LOCG team. Along with Catherine Ennis, Ann Elise Smoot, Marcus Knight and Jim Common, we set about developing the LOCG into the respected and flourishing publication you are now reading.

Looking back, the guide had virtually no websites, only telephone numbers and a smattering of email addresses. These included the Royal College of Organists, City of London Society of Organists and Adrian Adams publicising the newly-rebuilt T C Lewis organ at St John’s Upper Norwood. Adrian Gunning was the President of the Organ Club, the RCO was still at St Andrew ’s Holborn and Alexander Fiseisky was giving a masterclass there.

So we fast-forward to a fresh generation of fine young organists carrying the torch into the future. As the LOCG enters an exciting era with new publishers, let’s keep supporting, encouraging and nourishing this great tradition of excellence in organ music for generations to come.

“Now that’s a great idea!”

John Morris